The Source to the Exotic Taste

The authentic rice with the goodness of taste and aroma that the world swears by comes from nowhere but the state-of-the-art manufacturing unit of the most reputed name in the business- SKRGM. With a vision of producing matchless quality of rice while making it commercially available at the most competitive price takes a whole lot of planning as well as technological support.
With world class plants equipped with automatically controlled inflow and outflow system from Buhler of UK and Satake Corporation of Japan, SKRGM produces a quality that’s loved and relished by millions, processed as follows:

Parboiling Plant

The extensive process for treatment of paddy initially starts with parboiling and drying of the raw paddy. Sella (Parboiled) Rice Plant is well designed & fabricated with blend SS&MS sheets. The fully automatic parboiling process plants has a capatity of 10 MT/hour and uses Reverse Osmosis System with capacity of 6500 litres per hour under strict temperature control system. This ensures that each grain is free from bacterial generation or fermentation while retaining their rich natural aroma. This is followed by one of the three MS dryers, each having 28 ton capacity and sensor based paddy drying units which give uniform drying of paddy and reduces the broken grains at the stage of milling.

Milling Plant and Sorting Unit

Two milling plants, fitted with latest paddy cleaning, rice polishing and whitening machines are capable of processing 8 metric tons of paddy per hour. Rice is sorted as per length and texture of grain, with sorting machines sourced from Buhler, England and Satake Corporation, Japan each having capacity of 4 ton rice per hour.

Packing Process

Plant is equipped with Fully Automatic Processing and Fully Automatic Sealing, Packing & Weighing Unit, thus resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Quality Control

Our specialty lies in our R&D and fully equipped quality testing and product analysis laboratories to ensure best quality results in processing and milling of rice which enables us to give 100% customer satisfaction. Laboratories are equipped with various facilities like Kett Moisture Metres, Kett Whiteness Tester, Mini Lab Selling Unit etc. and protocols as per HACCP & ISO are followed for the better quality.